Grouping and Displaying data to convey meaning

Here the ages of 50 members of a county social service program

Using the data Table. Arrange the data in an array from highest to lowest high school CPA.

Transmission Fix-It stores recorded the number of service tickets submitted by each of its 20 stores last month as follows:

The Company believes that a store cannot really hope to break even financially with fewer than 475 service actions a month. It is also company policy to give a financial bonus to any store manager who generates more than 725 service actions a month. Arrange these data in a data array and indicate how many stores are not breaking even and how many are to get bonuses.

Use the data from transmission Fix-It in Exercise 2-9. The company financial VP has set up what she calls a "store watch list", that is , a list of the stores whose service activity is low enough to warrant additional attention from the home office. This Category includes stores whose service activity is between 550 and 650 service actions a month. How many stores should be on that list based on last month's activity?

The orange County Transportation Commission is concerned about the speed motorists are driving on a section of the main highway. Here are the Speed of 458 motorists:

Arrange the data in table 2-2 Page 12 in an array from highest to lowest.

A recent concerning the habits of U.S. cable television consumers produced the following data.

The Environmental protection Agency took water Samples from 12 different rivers and streams that feed into lake Erie. These Samples were tested in the EPA laboratory and rated as to the amount of solid pollution suspended in each Sample. The results of the testing are given in the following table:

Suppose that the admissions staff mentioned in the discussions of table 2-1 wishes to examine the relationship between a student differential on the collage SAT examination .

High Performance Bicycle Products Company in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Sampled its Shipping records for a certain day with these results:

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