At December 31, 2019, House Co. reported the following information on its balance sheet.

Information related to Mingenback Company for 2019 is summarized below.

Presented below is an aging schedule for Halleran Company.

Rigney Inc. uses the allowance method to estimate uncollectable accounts receivable. The company produced the following aging of the accounts receivable at year-end.

At December 31, 2019, the trial balance of Darby Company contained the following accounts before adjustment.

Farwell Company closes its books monthly. On September 30, selected ledger account balances are:

On January 1, 2019, Harter Company had Accounts Receivable $139,000, Notes Receivable $25,000, and Allowance for Doubtful Accounts $13,200. The note receivable is from Willingham Company. It is a 4-month, 9% note dated December 31, 2017. Harter Company prepares financial statements annually at December 31. During the year, the following selected transactions occurred.

Winter Company's balance sheet at December 31, 2018, is presented below.

Presented below are selected transactions of Molina Company, Molina sells in large quantities to other companies and also sells its product in a small retail outlet.

Presented below are two independent situations

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