Accounting for Receivables

Elburn Supply Co. has the following transactions related to notes receivable during the last 2 months of 2019. the company does not make entries to accrue interest except at December 31.
Nov. 1Loaned $30,000 cash to Manny Lopez on a 12 month, 10% note.
Dec. 11Sold goods to Ralph Kremer, Inc., receiving a $6,750, 90-day, 8% note
16Received a $4,000, 180 day, 9% note in exchange for Joe Fernetti's outstanding accounts receivable.
31Accrued interest revenue on all notes receivable.


  1. Journalize the transactions for Elburn Supply Co.
  2. Record the collection of the Lopez note at its maturity in 2020.


Elburn Supply Co.
Journal Entries
Elburn Supply Co.
Journal Entry
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